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Do you wonder how the wealthy and/or intelligent Hindus grow around our world?

There has been a very big cyber attack on India by China according to this reputed YouTube channel:

Hence I’ve started this website. We need to make available high quality milk to our warriors produced with Hindu rituals.

Please note that milk vendors not using Hindu rituals could also be producing high quality milk and our warriors can also consume that milk. I’m emphasizing on Hindu rituals because we have many Hindus in India and that any milk vendors producing milk based on Hindu rituals should be producing high quality milk.

I know highly-experienced IT Security professionals in India who are without work. I think that Hindu milk can enable our warriors much better.

I’ve written about cyber warfare and cyber terrorism since around 18 years ago. I’ve also written or said about China since then, however, very little. I’ve thought that I’m insignificant compared to our well-funded and trained warriors. Hence, I can focus on other things like bringing them Hindu milk and make them even more highly powerful.

Imagine fake / adulterated milk based paneer, rasgulla, tea, coffee and many other milk products. How will that affect the bodies and minds.

Any milk vendor which produces milk based on Hindu rituals ensuring high-quality milk can contact me to get listed.

The milk vendor will have to make detailed videos of their milk processes and share them with me and which will be uploaded on the Hindu Milk YouTube channel (to be created) and their YouTube videos will be linked on their webpage on the Hindu Milk website.

Please share with your milk vendor about me. They can message me their details and their detailed videos of their milk processes.

Our PM is making things better after so many decades of weaknesses and losses.

Please message me on Facebook or WhatsApp me at +91-9560602607.

Note: If you’re just writing greetings like hi or hello then I’ll block you to avoid wasting time since it can be spam. So please send proper message about milk vendors including their proper full business names, addresses, their videos of milk processes and how they follow Hindu rituals for me to contact them. You or they can upload the high-resolution videos to Google drive and then share the links with me. Please note that any messages and details shared with me can be shared by me publicly to get inputs from others.



UPDATED an hour or so after creating the website:

Amazing! I created the Hindu Milk website around an hour ago.

I had watched around half of Elementary (Sherlock Holmes) Season 2 Episode 20 by then. I continued the show with dinner.

Around the end, it is shown that the farm owner is trying to harm the cows at a farm!

I’ve had many such amazing things happened since years and decades and I’ve written about them since years.

If you know about Indian martial arts Kalaripayattu then you can read more experiences here https://www.facebook.com/groups/kalaripayattu

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